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Songs that make me blue   Leave a comment

ever hear a song on the radio or CD and it makes you blue?
I did yesterday morning coming into work.
I had bought a CD of Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, of all of their greatest hits together.
I was listening to it yesterday morning on my way into work.
The song  I think is titled “The Telephone” came on, and it is about a guy who calls his girl and she hardly lets him get a word in because she has heard that he is seeing someone else.
He of course, when he can talk, tells her it is true.

Just ripped my heart in two.
It reminds me of a love I once had and lost.
That is quite a painful process to go through.
And all day long, I was down and depressed.
hate when that happens.
but finally, with a lot of help from the Lord, I realized, once again what I thought was a perfect love and what my ex lover thought was a perfect love, wasn’t the same thing.
Obviously, since he isn’t in my life any more.

but I am glad to be out of that little “Bad depressed day”

I won’t be listening to that song for a long time .

no point in thinking of what might have been………

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American Idol Scotty wins!   Leave a comment

I was shocked but in a good way, that Scotty won!

It seems of late or maybe I should just say the last few seasons, the under dog wins it.
Rather crazy.

Last year Crystal was more popular than Lee, two years ago, Adam Lambert was more popular than Chris Allen, but both Lee and Chris won the title.
Now last night, Lauren seemed the more popular but Scotty won it!
Crazy how that works.

now that my winter and spring programming is over, now that American Idol and Dancing with the Stars have come to an end……….I will have to find something else to do with my time on week nights.
Sigh………I have a yard full of things to do.

Posted May 26, 2011 by Marge in ramblings