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Do I dare say it?   Leave a comment

I would love to tell you that I am uplifted and happy and just think life is as wonderful as this little puppy sitting in this cup.

but that would be lying.
I am down.
Do I dare even say I am depressed?

I have felt this way for over a week.
Everything just seems like a constant struggle

Maybe I dwell on things too much but I just can’t seem to kick this dark place I find myself wallowing in.

My grandchildren are the lights of my life, but I only get to see them once or twice a week.
The rest of the time I just feel like ‘what the hell is the point of anything?’

I feel like my world is dark and bleak even if the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day out.
I have no ambition to do anything or put forth any effort for anything.

I am over weight and feel disgusting but I can’t find the will power to even exercise.

this picture below represents how I feel.   I live in a dark dingy black and white world and only when I see my grandchildren (the flower in this picture) only then do I see a bit of light in my otherwise dark existence.

I’m generally a happy upbeat person, but lately……….it is a struggle……..

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rude people   Leave a comment

I often find myself quite aggravated by rude people

take this guy I work with.
he does breakfast and lunch for the kids.
he sets up for breakfast and punches their ticket numbers into his computer and he does the tickets at lunch time too.

He doesn’t do much but one thing he does do quite well is annoy me.

Twice in the last week, I have been walking and he cuts right in front of me forcing me to stop walking or slow down a lot, or we will collide.
The first time he did it I said “That was quite rude of you”
And he said “I was walking faster than you were”
I said “You couldn’t have been walking faster if I had to slow  down to let you pass or we would have collided!!”

I detest rudeness!

My 2 and 4-year-old grand daughters know how to say please and thank you and are respectful.

common courtesy just isn’t there anymore.

Everyone is out for themselves and no one cares about anyone else.

I hate rudeness.
There is no reason for it.
It cost nothing to be nice and kind to people!!!!

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The Terminator   1 comment

Poor Arnold!
He has confessed to his wife of 25 years that he has fathered a child from a past employee.
yes it was ten years ago but he has come clean and now he and his wife are separated.
Men can be such pigs.
Most of them anyway.

why did he bother to even tell her?
After all this time?

Just to hurt her and his children with her?

Maybe Arnold can make another Terminator movie and find some young hot thing, like all the other Hollywood men are doing.

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