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it’s a rose kind of day   Leave a comment

yes it is, it’s a rose kind of day

Happy Friday!

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weekend plans   Leave a comment

I would love to tell you dear reader that I am jetting to the tropical island of Fiji this weekend, or taking a long cruise through Alaska’s coastline

but alas….I am not planning anything quite so grand.

My big weekend plans consist of cleaning my house, (which needs it desperately) doing laundry, working in my yard if it isn’t raining every minute of the day

having breakfast with my husband’s sister and her husband, and coming into the school to do the building check both days and having Aaron’s birthday party on Sunday afternoon at five pm!

I do hope to get some good reading and or writing done in that time too but chances are, I won’t.
Not sure if I will have Keira and Kayla this weekend as Matt isn’t working and he has kept them the last three times he has the weekend off.
So time will tell on that.

It wouldn’t surprise me if I have Aaron one night, as it has been a long time since I have had him over night.

No it isn’t the jet setting off to some other place with full sunshine and warmer temps, but….this is my life………and it is a good one.

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Does the media reveal too much?   Leave a comment

I log on to my computer as I do every morning and it automatically goes to the Yahoo web page, because that is what I have directed the computer to do.
This headline hits me
Did the media go too far in the Arnold scandal?

it continues with, did the media reveal too much when it showed pictures of Arnold’s mistress?

Come on people!
Give me a break!

Is this a topic  we really need to re-visit?
of course the media reveals too much!
There are some things we really don’t need to know.

One is, weather Arnold cheated on his wife!
Another is was Kate Middleton’s wedding dress a copy?
Another is pictures of Michael Jackson after he died


of course the media reveals too much!!!
Don’t they always?
There are some things, a person just doesn’t need to know!

our lives will not shatter, if we never learned Arnold cheated!
Nor does it matter if Kate’s wedding dress was copied from someone else’s, obviously if it was, she liked the style
And we have all lost someone and know how they look once they have passed away!  We certainly don’t need pictures of Michael Jackson or anyone after they have passed!

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Thank God for Friday’s   Leave a comment

I felt like I could have slept till ten am this morning when I woke up.
My God what  a crappy night for sleeping.
Not sure why but my brain just will not shut off at night.
I even take an over the counter sleep aide, and it doesn’t help.

hate it.

I have to of course, come in and do the building check both days this weekend, but I am looking forward to some time away from here.
I feel like I live here.
I know dear reader, I should stop complaining.
I am thankful that I have a job and that it pays so well.

I am thankful for many things.

 I am thankful that it is Friday!

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