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Winter home   Leave a comment

I have found a home in Ormond Beach Florida that I want to buy and have it for my winter home.
It sits right on the beach.
A small 1700 square foot place that is two bedrooms.
I so badly wish I could buy it.
I would in a heart beat if I could afford it.

although I really must confess, if I bought this house I wouldn’t be just living in it during the winter months.
I would have to visit it at least once a month in the summer, spring and fall as well.

Another dream of course………but oh how cool  it would be!

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That all together aggravating Monday   Leave a comment

here it is Monday morning again.
How aggravating is that?
I usually dread Monday’s and while today I wouldn’t say I dread it, I would like to not be here too.

I think a life of leisure would be wonderful.

I need to work on trying to write more, maybe one day I will be able to write a great novel.
Ha ha.
I doubt it but honestly wouldn’t that be awesome?
To write the next great American novel?

It would make me very happy that is for sure.

My problem is I need to study more.
I need to get into history and facts and deem the novel more developed than what I have done so far.
I basically need to do some homework.

There are no short cuts, that is for sure.

Anyway I got off track there……it is Monday again.
not my favorite day of the week but since I didn’t have much of a weekend, it doesn’t feel like this is a Monday.
More like a Wednesday.
Which will make for a very long week.

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