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“what would you do if I sang you a tune, would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ear and I will sing you a song, and I will try not to sing out of key

Oh I get by with a little help from my friends, oh I get high with a little help from my friends………”

this song just popped into my head as I was working.
Not sure why.

I’m in a funny mood today.

I miss my eldest child and hope and pray she is doing well.

I really wish I could just hug her and tell her I love her
Or just sit in a corner and watch her come visit her siblings and have her not know I am there.

I sometimes miss my old friend Steve.
I haven’t talked to him in over a month, and once in a great while I miss talking to him.
But for the most part, a few hours of having him in my life, even as someone to talk to, turns me off to him once again and I as always remember why I need to distance myself from him.

He is self-absorbed, full of himself, thinks he is always right and he is a liar.
And therefore I need to keep reminding myself, to stay away from him.

I don’t have a lot of friends, basically because they want too much of me and I don’t need a lot of people to make my world complete.
Maybe I just shut myself off, I don’t know?
I do know I have friends here at work that are just that, work friends.
And I have a couple of sisters I consider good friends.

but for the most part I don’t have a really good friend.
Steve use to be, but he isn’t anymore.
He demands too much and wants too much and I’m not comfortable with that.

still once in a while I wonder is it just me?
Am I un-lovable as a friend?
do I not put myself out there enough?

I know people who have tons of friends, or at least they say they do?
Maybe their idea of a friend and mine are two different things.
I don’t ever consider a person my friend, an honest to God true friend,  unless I find/feel  some strong attachment to them.

and that just doesn’t happen to me very often…..



Posted May 31, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

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