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that is all I have to say in a nut shell. “UGH”
I am back to work and while I expected some sort of mess, I didn’t expect it to be as bad as it is.
The bathrooms were horrible so I just spent the last forty five minutes cleaning four student bathrooms.
I have to say I am quite disappointed.

On another note, while I don’t really mind being back to work (I’m sure knowing it is a three day week helps) I would love to never have to work again but still have money flowing in.
I know, don’t we all wish that?

My husband and I canceled our trip to Florida in December simply because the thought of driving that far, doesn’t appeal to either one of us, after our jaunt to Tennessee and back this last weekend.
And while you may be thinking, why don’t you fly there?
the answer is quite simple.
I am not paying over five hundred dollars for one airplane ticket, let alone two.
I just refuse to.
I guess I don’t want to go that badly.
I am still taking that week off between Christmas and New Years, but I won’t be going anywhere.
And that is alright with me.

Maybe we can go to Florida next year some time and we are definitely going to Arizona for my 50th birthday.

I just wrote to my sister that three weeks from tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
How insane is that?
Amazing how fast times flies.

I love the holidays.
This is my favorite time of the year.
I need to think about baking and what I am going to be cooking for Thanksgiving.

Think about putting up Christmas lights outside while it is still nice out, (Maybe this weekend as they say it will be in the 60’s again)
and doing a bit of Christmas cheer inside as well.

on a different note, I was taking my bath this morning when a song came on the radio.
it was titled “Lucky Man”
and while I am not a man I am lucky.
the song goes something like this
‘yeah I know I am a lucky man, I’ve got supper in the oven, a good woman’s lovin and one more day to be my little kids dad, Lord knows I am a lucky man’
and I am lucky
I have a man who loves me unconditionally, four beautiful healthy children, two wonderful daughter in laws, and two significant others for my two daughters, four AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL grandchildren and we are all healthy and happy.
And I have the good Lord blessing me every single day.
What more could I need?
Yes I am a lucky woman.

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