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Holiday time   1 comment

I love this time of year.
I love the cooler temps and the family time and just being snug as a bug in a rug in my home, where it is filled with the aromas of good holiday cooking.

I have five days off coming up, over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Which thrills me to no end.
Granted a few of those days will be filled with watching grandchildren, but it is a good feeling to know, that the time is looming ahead for me.

One thing about the school district, they are very generous this time of year when it comes to having time off.
We automatically get Thanksgiving day and the day after off.
I took Wednesday off as well (before Thanksgiving) to clean the house and bake the pies

For Christmas we get the day before Christmas and the day after off.
But since Christmas is on a Saturday we get the 24th off and the 26th.
It is the same for the New Year.
We always get New Years day off and the day after.
But since New Years day is on a Saturday we get the Friday before and the Monday after off.
I am taking that week in between Christmas and New Years off.

So while I love the holidays and the family time of year, I also love having all that extra time off.
It is a bonus

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