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color me blue   1 comment

I am down in the dumps.
Not sure why.
Well I am, to an extent, but I keep telling myself I have no right to be down in the dumps.
I have a good life.
I have a man who loves me and cares about me.
I have four beautiful children and four incredibly wonderful grandchildren.
I have a pretty house, a decent job that pays well……I have a lot and I know that.
So why am I blue?
I would rather not go into great detail about it, except to say….for all the love I have from my children and grandchildren and husband and siblings……sometimes I feel like I am standing here all alone and no one even sees me………

quite dramatic I know…….yet it is honestly how I feel… one really knows me, the real me…..and sometimes that makes me quite lonely……..

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Monday again   Leave a comment

well here it is Monday morning again.
Bright and early and I am at work.
First Monday I have been at work for a while.

I still think about our mini vacation to Tennessee and so wish I was there again.
Just to enjoy natures beauty.

Over the weekend they said Minnesota got up to ten inches of snow.
I would have to be bawling my eyes out if we got that much snow already.
Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and I love the holidays but I do not want snow yet.

We will have plenty of it before spring, I know.

My weekend was spent mainly with my three youngest grandchildren.
I did get my entire house clean, dusted, vacuumed and mopped so that is an accomplishment.

I was so sick a week ago, that I have to say I am still floating on the being back among the living again.

Nothing earth shattering going on this week, except grocery shopping for Thanksgiving next weekend.
We will have the grandchildren tomorrow night again and Friday night, but other than that, it will be a quiet week.


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