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Bentley, Carson, Dudley……..   Leave a comment

so over the weekend when I was spending time with  my daughter’s significant other Adam, and my daughter Emily  we got to talking about names for future children should they ever have any more children.
The above names were the names they came up with if they would ever have another son.
First would be Bentley, well Aaron is first, but if they had another one they would name him Bentley, if they had a third son, they would name him Carson….and on and on.
If they have a girl they will name her Mercedes.

This is all done in jest because Adam says they aren’t having any more children and the new medicine they put him on for his Chron’s disease,  lowers his ability to have good producing sperm.

Emily wants three children.

Aaron is such a little love and an incredibly happy boy….that I hope she gets to have at least one more.
however, this little man is so precious that we are extremely lucky to have him in our lives.

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vacation, there and gone   1 comment

I am home from my four-day vacation to Tennessee.
I have to tell you, it went so dang fast that I find it hard to believe we were even gone.
but alas, there will be pictures in the next day or so to prove that yes indeed I was south for a while.

I have to tell you, the weather was beautiful.
The cabin was extremely nice and the family being all together was wonderful.

they all seemed to enjoy it.
There was laughing and hiking and enjoying each other so that leads me to believe they all enjoyed it.

I took $1,000 with us, and I have just less than three hundred left.
With gas, and motel rooms there and back and paying for the cabin and other things we did, it is amazing how quickly it all went.

But it was  a very good time and I enjoyed it immensely.

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