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I just fall in love all over again……   Leave a comment

There really is no other way to describe the warmness that fills me each and every time I am in the presence of my grandchildren.
I just fall in love all over again every single time I am with them.

Aaron was up twice last night.
First time at midnight and I fed him and changed his diaper and he lay there next to me, whispering “Da Da Da Da” over and over while playing with my nose with his little fingers.
When he got tired enough I put him back to bed and then he woke up again at four thirty, so I fed him and changed him again and he went right back to sleep then.

We took him with us to Iowa City this morning and he is just such a happy little man.
I so love him!

Bring Nana is the best and while I realize those  of you who don’t have grandchildren can’t possibly know what I am talking about, but hopefully some day you will.

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