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My bucket list…….   Leave a comment

I’m doing this list in no certain order, I just wrote it all down as it came to me

1) go back to school

2) climb Mt. Everest
3) become dept free

4)never work again

5)buy an RV and travel the United States

6)go to Switzerland

7) go to London

8)  go to Paris

9) go to Ireland

10) be 165 pounds again ( I have fifty pounds to lose to get there)

11)rock climb

12) water ski

13) snow ski

14) travel the route Christopher McCandless did through Alaska (on foot)

15) open a restaurant
16) get a new wardrobe

17) find a job I love

18) become a nurse
19)  become a teacher

20) be content
21) give to the poor or needy

22) learn to surf

23) learn to scuba dive

24) sail around the world

25) take a cruise

26)  go to St. Crois

27) go to Africa

28) go to Australia

29) go to New Zealand

30) go to Costa Rica

31) go to Canada

32) become physically fit

33) become a published novelist

34) build on to our house

35) build a new garage that is attached to the house

36) make a million dollars

37) drive up the East coast

38) drive up the West coast

39) go to Mexico

40) swim with the dolphins

41) get back to nature

42) visit a dude ranch like in the movie City Slickers

43) spend a week in every state sight-seeing

44) hit a home run
45) become a great horse woman

46) live to see all my grandchildren grow up

47) join a church

48_ make new friends

49) own a house in the mountains

50) own a house near the ocean

51) bring my family closer to Jesus

52) move to a house in the country

53) become car smart (Learn to change the oil, tires, etc….)

54) learn to fly an air plane

55) find a cure for cancer

56) build a safe haven home for unwanted and abused children

57) get healthier

58) have a dog

59) be more compassionate

60) be less lazy

61) fall in love with my husband again

62) learn to draw well

63) climb Mt Rainer

64) go to Fiji

65) be happier

66) have a more intimate and understanding relationship with God

67) be a better sister

68) be a better person

69) be less critical…….

and there you have it.
I could only get to 69 things in the twenty minutes I was allowed.

Some are possible, some are far-fetched (Climbing Everest or curing cancer) and some could be doable if I put my mind to it.

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the real me   Leave a comment

so my sister wrote a comment that no one can know the real me, if I don’t put the real me out there for people to know so…… goes…..

this is the real me…………..

I want to be single
I want to think of no one but myself and live my life the way I want to live it.
I want to be passionate and find someone who is just as passionate as I am.

I want to travel and help others
I want to live my dreams instead of being stagnant and just dreaming them.

I want to exceed the limitations and not come to the end of my life and think “damn I wish I had done  this or that…..”

I just want to find the person I have buried inside and rejoice in the person I am instead of putting every one before me.

I am selfish I know and it isn’t realistic of me to think along those lines of what I really want in my life.
people depend on me.
People will be hurt and even devastated if I choose to put myself first.

So I don’t.
I live this life to make others happy and not myself……

and the real me screams for release inside of me………where no one but me can hear…….

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this is a test……..this is only a test…….   Leave a comment

so a couple of weeks ago, while I was having a down and blue day I googled ‘things to do to make a person happy’ and there is an article on sitting down for twenty minutes with just yourself, a piece of paper and pen, in a quiet room where no one can interrupt you, and write down as many things as you can, in twenty minutes, that you dream about doing or want to do.

there should be complete silence in the room and your ideas can be completely far fetched or realistic.
it doesn’t matter…..just write something!

set a timer and when that twenty minutes are up, put the piece of paper away and don’t look at it again for at least a day and then take it out and go over it.
Look for things that are realistic and things you are capable of doing and then do them!

Sort of a bucket list…..

so…later today when I have the free time I am going to do this little test……


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