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so this morning as I am driving into work I am running about ten minutes behind, anyway, as I was driving out-of-town to drive to Iowa  City I am following a truck, an SUV and a car.
I see the deer on the side of the road and I am thinking “no don’t do it, don’t do it”
but she obviously didn’t hear me because she went ahead and walked right into the highway, right in front of the truck.
And yep, although he slowed down, he did hit her.
her dead body, plopped back down on the cement and slid back to the side of the road from where she came from.

As I drove by her, I felt her hurt.

Deer are my favorite animal and it pains me to see them make those dumb mistakes and get themselves killed.

I felt quite badly for this young doe, because her life was no longer.

I can’t explain it.
Cruelty to animals is just an awful hideous ugliness.
And while I know the truck had no choice but to hit her….and I know there was no cruelty behind the death….

it still hurts to see a beautiful graceful deer, die before my eyes.

not a good way to start the day.

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