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over the weekend I had this idea to write about my life.
No it isn’t all that interesting or probably all that different from most people’s lives, but I do have one ace up my sleeve that most people don’t have.
I have my mother.
She was (she passed away in 1992) an exceptional woman and also excentric and sometimes embarrassing.
But she was my mother and I have mostly fond memories of her.

in writing about me, I can only begin with her because without her, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

My father was a married man, and I was the product of an affair she had with him, so I have never had a father figure in my life.
So my mother was the sole provider of my youth.

Granted I had two older sisters, who molded me into who I am today as well, but my mother was my foundation.
My mother was the unique woman who gave me life and sheltered me and taught me………..and to her, is where I believe the credit should go.

So as I outline this story I began, I have to dedicate it all to my mother.
Because she is the one who had the most influence on me as a child and she is the one who God graced me with, to be my mother.

I love and miss you Mom.

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get away from me!   1 comment

so for the first hour or ninety minutes of my day, I am the only person in the school.
Which I have to say I LOVE!!!!

but as I was walking back to my office to write a note to my night custodian, a teacher comes from upstairs.
With just one look I can see, she is sick and shouldn’t be here.

All I can think is “Get away from me!”
the last thing I want is someone’s germs to make me sick with the flu again.

But no, she stands there, (I make sure there is at least five feet if not more between us at all times) and tells me her ailments, cough, cold and flu-like┬ásymptoms (although she made sure to tell me it wasn’t vomiting but the other end!)

I wanted to ask her what she was doing here, but I already knew the answer, they are required to leave notes to their sub about what needs taught that day.

However all I could think of was ‘lady you are bringing your sick germs into this school!!! Get out!’

but of course, I just told her to get better, and went into my office to breathe good germ free air!

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