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Due to……   Leave a comment

due to the lack of sleep I got this weekend I was in bed by seven pm last night!
How ridiculous is that!
Quite I know!

but I was tired.
And may I say that I slept like a rock from seven until three am.
that last hour and forty-five minutes before I actually got up to begin my day…..I kept waking up….

but it sure feels good to feel rested!

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It takes two……..   Leave a comment

it takes two to make things go right, it takes two to make them out of sight

this is a line from a song that Ryan Reynolds (People magazines Sexiest Man Alive) and Sandra Bullock, were singing in the movie “The Proposal”

I don’t know who it is by, they said in the movie but I don’t remember, anyway this line keeps going over and over in my head.

Not sure why.

yesterday it was the theme to Pink Panther.
Weird I know.

on the note that People magazine voted Ryan Reynolds as the Sexiest Man Alive, they sure got that right.
What a handsome man.
A young man true, but still quite handsome.
One person they never talk about is Paul Walker.
he is quite sexy too.

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