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I have a busy day today at work
Busy because there are no children here today so that gives me plenty of time to clean and clean well and it stays clean.
that is the most awesome thing!
To have something stay clean for a few days after I clean it.

on another note, I got a gift card several months ago for a bagel company here in Iowa City.
Today I used it.
I use to buy bagels nearly every morning a few years back because I love a good bagel.

But today I wasn’t that impressed.
not sure why, they just didn’t feel or taste fresh, which I know is silly because they bake them fresh every day
My eldest daughter use to work for this company

So I was disappointed with my breakfast.
Sad when things go down hill………

on another note I get Aaron over night tonight which excites me because I never get to spend enough time with him.
Hate that.
he is such a little love.

Well I am off to begin my day……..

High ho…….High ho…..


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