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well Christmas is right around the corner…..alright….four and a half weeks around the corner but it will be here before we know it.

time really does fly…..

I have most of the grandkids done.
Keira is done, and Aaron is done, because I am going to give my daughter the rest of his presents in money so she can open a savings account for him.
He isn’t going to know if he gets presents (he will be 7 months old) or not and it seems silly to buy him a bunch of new toys when I have a lot of toys that are his age appropriate now.

Mirielle is done too I think, so that just leaves Kayla.

I still have to get the adult children and their significant others and spouses yet but they are all gift cards, so…I just need to take the time to go and get them all.

Rick and I aren’t getting each other anything but instead we are setting the money aside to build a new garage next summer.
The old one needs redone and we decided to just tear it down and build a new one.
This one is a single car garage and we want a two car garage and maybe some space for Rick to have a small shop to tinker around in too.

I miss not having his parents, my mother and his grandmother around.
It seemed more like the holidays when the elderly people were here and we could make over them.

however my husband is the eldest member of his family now and he and his siblings never get together to share in the holiday spirit.
of course, mine really doesn’t either any more.
And that is quite sad………

Posted November 29, 2010 by Marge in family, ramblings

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