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so my lovely little two-year old grand-daughter woke me up at three thirty wanting to start the day.
I just let here lay in the bed and play and talk until four twenty when I decided to get up with her.
Keira of course woke up too with Kayla being so noisy and Rick got up too.
We came down stairs and Keira and I fell asleep on the couch while Rick and Kayla watched Dora and then ate breakfast around five thirty.
Keira was up then too and I slept until six thirty.

Nice of Rick to take care of them for me.
He will take a nap later but I doubt if I will.
Guess it depends on if I can get the girls to sleep
Kayla fights naps, unless we are in the car.
Then she sleeps well.

Love my grandchildren to pieces but I do need my sleep
I do not function well on less than six hours.

I will have Aaron tonight and last weekend he got up twice during the night so……I need to be rested for him

Maybe I will take a nap later too.

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