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I am watching my two youngest grand daughters tonight and all day tomorrow.
Kayla has been sick off and on for two weeks now.
Today when she eats or drinks she vomits.
She will be acting normally and even playing and suddenly she will put her hands over her eyes and lay her head down and rest.
Obviously since she isn’t able to keep anything down, food or juice, there is something wrong.
My daughter in law took her to the doctor yesterday only for the doctor to tell her Kayla has the flu and it will pass.
And that a lot of flu is going around.

I think it is something more……but what do I know?

Now Keira is complaining about her stomach hurting and she is belching a lot and passing gas and neither one smells good at all.
I actually expect her to start vomitting before the night is over with.

Kayla walked in the door this afternoon and vomitted and then a while later she vommited all over me after drinking some apple juice.

She just had a cookie, I can only imagine she is quite hungry…..time will tell if she will keep it down.
And Keira is falling asleep on my lap

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