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Last Saturday the entire day was cloudy and very rainy.
So much rain that there was water standing in the streets in places.

Well my children all went to Iowa City to meet their sister for dinner and on the way home, my youngest child Emily was driving 70 on the interstate passing a semi, when she started hydroplaning and heading for a steel median
Her boyfriend grabbed the wheel and pulled to the right and they went sideways in to a ditch, sliding over a hundred feet

everyone was fine, THANK YOU LORD!
But it could have been so much worse.
If they had gone one hundred feet further east they would have crashed into a bunch of trees.
IF they had this accident a mile back from where it was, they would have gone into a ditch that was five to seven hundred feet below the highway.

Or if it hadn’t been raining, but the ditch was still covered in snow and ice, they could have been in serious trouble.

But luckily and by the grace of God, they are fine.
Shook up but fine.
The car is fine too.

I have thanked the Lord several times these last two days for taking care of her and her boyfriend and the baby, and seeing them through what could have been a fatal accident.

I am truly blessed.
Thank you Lord.

Posted January 25, 2010 by Marge in family, God, my loves, ramblings

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