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Internet or lack of   Leave a comment

our internet at home has been acting up thus I was unable to get on all day yesterday
Hate when that happens.
I actually feel like I’m cut off from the world when I can’t get on.

Spent the majority of my day with my younger sister which was fun.
Wasn’t too crazy about spending my day that way but once we got together it was quite enjoyable.
As it always is.

Not sure when I will see her again but maybe she will be up in the next month or so.

watched the SAG awards last night.
Basically the ones who won the golden globe awards won the SAG awards too.
It wasn’t that exciting.

anyway at least Avatar wasn’t up for best movie or anything like that.

Today we went to get the furniture for my daughter at Walmart that I ordered for her.
A crip and rocking chair.

So that is done.

The rest of the day will be bumming and nothing exciting happening.
ho hum
But I’m not at work so that is a plus.


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