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Better as a memory   Leave a comment

sometimes it is just better to say goodbye, see you later….or don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out…..
sometimes memories are glorified and romanticized when reality is, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

in the new year I vow to live in the moment, find the good in everything and don’t get bogged down with the negative thoughts.
Be upbeat, happy and find things to stimulate my mind and keep looking forward.

Memories are wonderful and have their place in life, but memories are just that, things that happened in the past.
The future is bright and clear…..and so promising.
Look forward, not backward and SMILE!!!!

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I’ve been thinking a lot today.
With my son and his family thinking of moving out and moving to a place of their own that leaves me with three bedrooms upstairs to fill.
one will of course be for the grand daughters so that when they stay the night they will have a place to sleep and play
and the other is up for grabs yet.
Maybe it will be turned into a walk in closet, Lord knows we never have enough closet room
or maybe we will turn it into a bigger bathroom/laundry room.
Or maybe we will just leave it as another bedroom in case my sister from Missouri ever comes up and visits

I have decided to just stay at my job, even though I hate it ninety percent of the time.
Stay there and start a savings account and just get a bit ahead in life and bills.

I am still thinking of going back to school.
Maybe take a class here and there….nothing full time (When would I have the time for that?)
but some classes here and there.

I am hoping 2010 is filled with wonderful things and that everyone I love is going to have a good year too.

God bless you all and Happy 2010!

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Weekend chatter   Leave a comment

well the holidays are officially over with.
Starting Monday it is back to the old grind of work and looking forward to the weekends.

We are going to take my sister in law and her husband to the airport this late afternoon and will meet my other brother in law and his girlfriend/ex wife for supper first.

more visiting and spending time with the three siblings who haven’t had a lot of time together since their parents passed away several years ago.

I am one of the in laws, as is Rick (my sister in laws husband) and Sheila.
My husband Rick, his brother Mike and their sister Brenda make up the immediate family.
I’m sure it will be enjoyable but to be honest I am ready to go back to work.
Ready for the routine to begin again.
It is hard to find quiet time here at home with my son and his family living with us and I MISS that a lot.
At least at work I can go to my office and there is a good chance I can get five minutes or so to myself.

don’t get me wrong I love having my grand daughters so close but….there are times when I miss my alone time.

These long four day weekends are such times.

it is bitter cold out, twelve below zero.
Way too cold to be out there.
But this is winter in Iowa and we have no choice but to grin and bear it.
Spring is coming in four months.

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