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129 hours   Leave a comment

okay I am nor will I ever claim to be the brightest crayon in the box, but something came to me the other day while I was at home.
I was sitting there on Sunday night thinking “ugh another work week” and dreading it.
And then I got up on Monday morning and as I was driving to work I told myself “Heck you only have 129 hours before your weekend begins again”
And believe it or not that has helped me get through the week.
Yesterday I was going to do lunch for the kids and I thought to myself
“only 52 hours left till my weekend starts” and today I was driving into work thinking “only 33 hours until my weekend starts”
and now I am down to 30!
Just gets better all of the time!

Of course there are those that will be thinking, I will be missing out on something really good in that 129 hours that I am counting down and not see the forest for the trees so to speak.
But that isn’t true.
I pray every day, sometimes several times a day for the good Lord to keep me positive and out of a funk.
And so far it has worked.
yes I am still bored with my job and hate it.
But this helps me get through the week.
Simple, but true.


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what I have learned in the last twenty four years   Leave a comment

I mentioned earlier that my youngest son is 24 today.
And while I think back to those years (his three year old daughter and I looked at his baby book last night) I think about what I have learned

So here goes…..

1- I have learned that no matter what you do, your children will never be happy with you

2- I have learned that there will always be sibling discord just because they are always jealous of what the other has

3- I should have read to my children more

4- the most important thing on this earth is family

5-trying to be friends with your child is never a good idea

6- kids hold grudges for a really long time

7-I am imperfect and therefore I was never a great mother

8-“because I said so” really only gets you so far…..

9- kids need two parents, just to hold the family intact

10- without God nothing else matters and I regret not teaching my children about God when they were younger.

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Good bye to Sarasota   Leave a comment

I have a teacher here at my school who I talk to every once in a while about our love for the sunshine state.
And for those of you who don’t know what state that is, it is Florida.

Anyway this man, his name is Todd, his father lives in Sarasota and Todd and his significant other go down there two to three times a year (always at Christmas, spring break and usually during the summer) to visit

Well he just told me this morning that he is flying down tomorrow and bringing his father up to Iowa because his father’s health is declining enough that he needs his father closer.
So…tomorrow he said it will be his last trip to Sarasota.
I disagreed and said “but you can go back at any time”
And he said “Yes I know, but it won’t be the same. We just sold my father’s house and the memories would be too painful to go down there and try to enjoy the city without my dad being there”

I sort of know what he means
My sister lived in Florida for over eight years and while I was only in Sarasota two or three times, I have great memories there and I can picture it in my mind any time I want to.
I fully intend to go back there, even though my sister in no longer there.
I loved the city and loved the beaches.
So I know I will be back there.
But Todd said he doubts he will go back.
In fact today he said “This will be his last trip to Sarasota” and he was sad.

Not me, just because family no longer lives there, it won’t keep me away from it.
My brother lived in Fort Myers for years too and I fully intend to visit that city again some day.

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what to say today?   Leave a comment

I haven’t gotten an email from my sister which is a drag.
not sure what is up with that.
She usually sends me at least one when she owes me.
My back hurts.
I had to take a box down stairs yesterday here at school and I knew right away it was the wrong thing to do.
You would think since they all know I have a bad back that they wouldn’t ask me to lift boxes.
But alas….I still get asked and I still have to do it because I don’t have a doctor’s excuse saying I can’t.

so I muttle through.

My son is 24 today.
this is the time of year that all my children turn a year older.
Since Matt was born in January (today) and Brian was born in February (25th) and Paula was born in March (8th) and Emily was born in March too (15th)

so after Emily turns 21 here in two months from tomorrow, than I get a breather again until Christmas.

I haven’t gotten Matt anything yet for his birthday.
Since he is living with us basically on a free ride, I don’t feel like I have to get him anything big.
I am going to take him out for supper over the weekend with his family but I will probably get him something too.

My husband says since the kids never get me anything (Except Emily usually does and Brian has on occasion) that I shouldn’t get them anything.
But that just doesn’t feel right.
I understand his logic but it still doesn’t feel right.
Tough love and all of that.

On a different note I feel like I’m going through puberty again.
Have a nice big fat disgusting zit on my jaw that is quite painful.
I rarely get them and when I do I feel like they are huge.
And I feel like I’m sixteen again.

well I am at work so I suppose the right thing to do is do something here.
find some ambition and all of that.
Happy Thursday!

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