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This business of getting old   Leave a comment

I have to say, I am not growing old gracefully.
I am fifty pounds heavier than I should be and I’m sure that has a lot to do with growing older ungracefully.

I went home yesterday and played out in the snow for a while.
By playing I mean I shoveled the deck in our back yard.
Let me clarify that again I ATTEMPTED to shovel the deck.
I got a clear path from the back door to the steps leading down in to our yard, however the steps are pretty heavily covered in snow and ice yet.
Still I did a bit of shoveling and that may or may not have prompted the strained muscle in my chest later in the evening.
I picked up my thirty pound grand daughter so she could look into the cupboards and tell me what she wanted for a snack.
After I put her down and went back into the living room to feed her and her baby sister their snack, I felt the muscle tighten in my chest and the slow, squeezing burn of the muscle twisting and tightening inside of me.
Damn that does hurt.

today I can only feel it a bit when I inhale deeply but it goes back to the not growing old gracefully.

Still….it beats the alternative and that is not growing old at all.


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voting today   Leave a comment

the city of Iowa City has an election today so I had to be here by five thirty
I got here at five twenty.
It doesn’t affect me at all except that I had to set up for it yesterday and then had to be here to have the doors unlocked by five thirty today.
Now my job with this voting business is done.

They stay here until nine or ten pm and my night custodian will have to deal with it all later.
Making sure they are gone and the doors are locked and all that business.

I feel pretty good today and didn’t mind the earlier commute.
It was actually nice to be out on the highway with out a lot of other travelers making their way to the twenty miles or so it takes us to drive to work every day.

AND it is Tuesday.

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