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Angels among us   Leave a comment

I believe there are angels among us. I have three in my life blessing me with their wonderfulness.
The song sung by “Alabama” is quite pretty and the video is pretty neat too.
My angels, Mirielle, Keira and Kayla are wonderful children who are angels to me because they are true gifts from God
And I know that He sent them to me.
In addition to my little peanut that is due in May.
All gifts from God.


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a cup of tea   Leave a comment

I can’t get warm.
I didn’t wear my coveralls outside when I shoveled snow this morning and now I can’t get warm.
I am however making myself a cup of tea because there is nothing quite like a warm cup of tea to warm the insides up.
when I was pregnant with my last child I craved tea and a peanut butter toasted sandwich with sugar on it.
I dipped it into my hot tea and it was wonderful.
Sounds pretty good right now but I’m at work with no bread or peanut butter.
So I just have to make do with my cup of tea

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snow   Leave a comment

I’d say we probably have five inches of snow here in Iowa City Iowa.
We are the only school district open also.
I’m not sure but every city around us had the good sense to close.
Oh well, we are here now and I have the steps and entry ways cleared (after 90 minutes working on it)

Now I am off to do breakfast for the little rug rats here and heres hoping the drive home is doable.
Suppose to get really strong winds and driving is suppose to be quite bad on the way home.
Hope they are wrong.
But God will look after me, of this I have no doubt.

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