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I need some sunshine   Leave a comment

This is the reason for changing the picture above my blogs
I need sunshine and we haven’t had it in a really long time here in Iowa.
Cloudy and rainy, snow and ice.
Winter sure has decided to stick around and make everyone unhappy here.
I long for sunshine and warm temperatures.
Shorts and tank tops, sandals on the feet.
kids outside playing in the yard.
Lawn mowers roaring to life….

I will even live with mosquitoes and bugs……
I just want it warmer.


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No School today   Leave a comment

well they canceled school here in Iowa City Iowa, due to the ice storm and freezing rain we are suppose to be getting.
It makes it a very easy day for me considering we didn’t have school on Monday and I got all my cleaning done then.

Still I’m sure if I look, I can fill up an hour or two with things to do.
But it will be a very easy day.

Have a sinus headache which I am quite sick of.
have had it off and on for about a week now.
SO frustrating.

have to go and get some meds for it, here in a bit when the pharmacy opens up at nine.

It is hump day too, which helps.

Posted January 20, 2010 by Marge in ramblings