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feeling fat today   Leave a comment

yes it is true, I am feeling quite fat today.
Not sure why, well okay I do know why, but it isn’t a comfortable feeling.
I’m eating junk food again and drinking pop.
WHY you may ask?
I guess because every once and a while I just feel like eating stuff like that.
I need to get the pop out of my diet again, and cut back on the sweets.
Those are my down falls.
And since it is so crappy weather wise I’m not getting as much exercise as I once was.
All excuses I’m sure you are thinking.
Whatever the reason, I am feeling quite fat today, and it isn’t a good feeling.


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The Woman in the mirror   Leave a comment

I’m looking at the woman in the mirror and find myself thinking ‘jesh Marge you got old quite quickly”
I look at myself and think…”Where did those fun loving twenties go where everything was firm and intact?”
I’m getting old.
No doubt about it.
And while a man or woman of seventy probably thinks of me as a young pup yet, I look at my children and am starting to feel old.

Not a great feeling.
My sister joined a gym and while I have thought about it from time to time, I have never, due to the fact I am not sure how often I would use it.
Another sister of mind had joined a gym thinking if she had to pay for it, she would use it.
She didn’t.

So as I am looking at the woman in the mirror I am thinking, I have to do something to reverse this aging process.
I know I can’t stop it completely, but doing nothing will just bring on old age faster.
So I NEED to get off my butt and get moving.

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depression and these freezing temps   Leave a comment

Okay today is like day five of this freezing bone chilling cold temperatures we are having in Iowa and I have to say, it is beginning to depress me.
I’m sick of it.
And yes I know other people are sick of it too, but it is like, bundle up and rush to a warm car and drive to your destination and then run to the warm house.
I have no desire to get back out into this blasting ice age temperatures we are having.
It is quite depressing to me.
And now they are saying we are going to warm up to ten degrees!
And then it will snow four to eight inches and get freezing bone chilling cold again.
I think I need to move south.

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Orange Bowl   Leave a comment

I am not a big football fan.
I live in the Hawkeye state and even work in the heart of the Iowa Hawkeyes but I am not a huge football fan.
HOWEVER the Hawkeyes did win the Orange Bowl last night down in Miami Florida!!!
So I know there will be a lot of happy Hawkeye fans in Iowa City Iowa today!

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snow mobiler   Leave a comment

here in our freezing state of Iowa a snowmobiler left a bar on Sunday afternoon and hasn’t been seen since.
I wonder if he was drunk and if so, got lost some where along the way?
What other explanation could there be?
unless he swerved to miss an animal or hit a tree or something and died on impact?
Poor guy.
I can’t fathom being so cold and so alone and having to die that way.
I feel for his family and friends.
Just goes to show you people, the buddy system works!!!
Darn it.

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