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Puff the magic dragon   Leave a comment

I’m suppose to be puff the magic dragon today and huff and puff and melt all this ice off of the sidewalks and playgrounds with my fire breath.
no one here is happy with me today.
I am suppose to some how just make all this crap disappear.
I am about ready to walk out the door.
I am so discouraged.


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Ice age and deep freeze   Leave a comment

okay that isn’t entirely true.
it isn’t freezing out
It is thirty two degrees with a really strong wind.
But it is all ice out there.
I was out for ninety minutes this morning trying to make it safe enough for children and teachers to get into the building.
Ugh…..there is a lot of ice out there AND I hurt my back lifting over four hundred pounds of ice melt and sand.
My body aches.

Posted January 21, 2010 by Marge in ramblings