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Mr Elvis Presley would have been 75 today.
His ex-wife Priscilla said today on the “Today” show that she thinks he would have been a minister by now, or doing something along those lines.
That he loved to teach and believed so strongly in God, she imagines he would have gone in that direction.
I googled Elvis and there is a lot of information out there about him.
And of course I listened to a lot of his songs too.
No one will ever replace the King.

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Aaron Xavier Reinhardt   Leave a comment

This is the name of my new grandson.
Aaron Xavier Reinhardt
He had his picture taken today via an ultrasound and it is very obvious he is a boy.
I’m so wonderfully excited and happy.
My first grand son!!!
Can’t wait for him to make his entrance into the world
Thank you God for all the wonderful blessings in my life, especially my grandchildren and this new baby on the way.

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our wind chills are minus thirty degrees and I ask myself and anyone else who will listen, WHY ARE WE HAVING SCHOOL TODAY?
why are the children forced to come out in this crap?
why are the bus drivers forced to deal with cold frozen buses and get them up and going to go collect freezing children standing at the bus stop.
NOT to mention us custodians who are forced to go out and shovel the blown in steps and sidewalks from this ice box air?
It makes no sense to me at all.
WE have five temp buildings
That means kids are going in and out of these buildings several times a day!
it is insane that they have to be out in this!!!
I just don’t get it
And who ever called it this morning is incredibly insensitive.

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