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I had a great day today.
My mood was one of complete contentment and I felt extremely serene and happy.
I got home and it all went to crap

Found out my son’s wife went and had her tubes tied.
But he lied to me and said she fell and hurt her shoulder again.
And while the lying bothers me what bothers me most is that she can’t see fit to give him a child of his own but wants him to help her raise her daughter.
Just doesn’t seem fair.
AND WHILE I KNOW it is really between the two of them, it wasn’t even four years ago that he told me he wanted his own child by the time he was thirty.
He will be 28 in three weeks.
But because her child is so spoiled rotten that he has a hard time being around her most of the time, he has decided, with a bit of coaxing from his wife, that he isn’t really father material
I have told him not every woman raises her child and spoils them so rotten that they are hard to be around.
And he is missing out on one of the greatest things in life, fathering a child.
BUT…l know it isn’t about me or what I want or don’t want for him.
It is his choice and he chose to marry her and help her raise her daughter but not have a child of his own.
It saddens me but I am just a mother who wants life’s best for her child.
Guess I have to cut the apron stings and let my children live their lives.
Like I can stop them from making mistakes.
Which I can’t.

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