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squibble squabble…..   Leave a comment

that is all I can say.
Squibble and squabble.
life turns on a dime.

Odd to me that people are so secretive and have to be so hush hush about things.
Like they are immune to the day to day tasks of the American life.

Just learned one niece left her husband for another woman.
AND another niece and her husband are seperated.

I learned about the one that left her husband for another woman from a guy I have worked with for the last nine years.
Come to find out, he is my niece’s cousin.
Odd, to not know that until today.

The other bit of information about another niece and her husband being separated comes from a source that won’t devulge her source

Don’t know why people feel the need to keep secrets.
Aren’t we all human?
I mean really?
Just stupid and we are suppose to all be family.
Just don’t get people.
They act like they are better than the rest of us, so it all has to be hush hush.
Really stupid.
But whatever.
Just more squibble squabble in life.


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never again   Leave a comment

because I had a tooth pulled on Tuesday the dentist put me on codeine and I had a bad reaction from it and was sick all day yesterday from dry heaves and feeling like I was going to faint every time I moved
not a good feeling

but I feel better today, not perfect but better, so much better than yesterday
so I can say never again to taking codeine

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