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I just finished reading “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold
I read it mostly because it is going to be a movie and I like reading the book before I see the movie.
not sure why, just a quirk in me I guess.
The books are always better than the movie to me.
any way while the book wasn’t great, (it was alright) it does touch on what heaven might be like one day.
It does make me wonder.

It also touches on the way children can be such easy prey for adults and how mean and cruel people can be to each other.
It is sad to me that people are so cruel.
Our children are our precious gifts from God and we need to look after them more carefully.
It only takes one chance for someone to kidnap or hurt or kill a child.

this book made me believe that more strongly just by reading it.

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go to http://www.womanofroyce.wordpress if you have any interest in reading my other blog site.
I have tried to figure out a way to combine the two but for the life of me I can’t figure out what to do.
Other then to tell you to go to that site.
Happy reading

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good morning world   Leave a comment

Ahh it is another wonderful Monday in our lovely if not frigid state of Iowa.
The sun isn’t shining but it is bright out there due to the glistening snow.
The ice is pretty heavy in some spots where it has dared to thaw a bit in the warm sunshine only to freeze over again during the sub zero nights.
I just came in from outside and not a bird was chirping, nor a rabbit scampering about.
It must be too cold for even them.

And while we are already sitting on January 4th of 2010, I think to myself there is beauty all around me.
The trees are dormet and surviving at their best in this freezing cold and yet they are beautiful in their own way, as they lazily stand there, trying not to bear too much weight from the deep cold.
the grass no longer green but a dry light brown, is covered deeply with a thick blanket of snow, unable to even catch a whisper of breath until closer to March
Hibernation is the key, and while us humans keep trudging through from one day to the next in this freezing air, the animals are nestled snug in their beds waiting out the winter.

Spring is only …..74 days away, and while we may get a tease of an early spring a time or two in that seventy four days….it can’t get here quick enough for me.

and I know I am not alone in these feelings.

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no one emails anymore   Leave a comment

I just don’t understand why no one emails any more.
it is odd to me.
It is a great way to communicate and yet my siblings just don’t take advantage of it any more.
Quite frustrating to me.

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Monday morning blahs   Leave a comment

I’ve been awake since before 4 am, due to the fact that I dreaded coming to work.
And while I prayed about it and told myself, consider yourself lucky that you have a job, it hasn’t really helped all that much.
I am here, but begrudgingly
The temps outside are very cold.
Too cold really and that means the children will not be going out side today, due to the fact that the windchill is below zero
so that means the children will be incredibly rowdy at lunch time.
Oh what fun

Ahh well, at least I get to go home in eight hours and not have to think of this place again until tomorrow
Happy Monday!

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