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Tonight I get Keira and Kayla.

I may see if Mirielle wants to stay too

as she and Keira like playing together some times.

I say some times because sometimes they really like each other and some times they can’t get a long for anything.


tomorrow night I have Aaron all night because Emily has to work

she is a Hospice nurses aide and tonight and tomorrow night she has to sit with a woman at the hospital all night long, staying awake to make sure the woman doesn’t choke

I thought “Really? she is in a hospital”

but Emily said the family don’t trust the hospital people to look in on her enough so therefore they will pay Emily to sit there.


so it will be a full weekend with grandchildren

not that I mind.
I love them dearly
And there will be a break in between the girls tomorrow morning and Aaron tomorrow night

Might even get a movie in



Posted June 28, 2013 by Marge in Aaron, family, heartfelt, Kayla, Keira, Mirielle, my loves, ramblings

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