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humidity/humping and wishing I was rich   Leave a comment

it is nice and humid out once again.


how I hate it

Thank God for air conditioning.

my dog humps his bedding at least twice a day, and sometimes four times a day

I don’t stop him from doing it.
I figure it is a need he needs to full fill.

Why is money such a struggle?
Why are there always more bills than money?

I wish I was rich
Yes I know, doesn’t everybody?

I really don’t need to be rich.
I just would like to have enough money to pay off most of my bills and not have to worry about them

granted I made the bill and it is my job to pay it off.

I just wish it was easier.

as my grand daughter Kayla would say to me “Deep breaths…..deep breaths”


this picture soothes me


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storms   Leave a comment

we have had some good storms here in Iowa the last twenty four hours.
One of my night custodians had a tree fall on his mother’s house crushing his brother’s car and putting a hole in the roof of his mother’s house.

trees are down around Iowa City and there is more rain today.


I love storms.
Don’t really like getting caught out in one with it lightening but I do love walking in the rain.

Water drop

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