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chest pain   Leave a comment

alrighty then

I have been dealing with this strained muscle in my chest off and on for the last two months.

it is getting rather old.

Daily I re-injure myself and it is quite painful.

I know you are thinking dear reader why don’t I go to the doctor?
Simply because I will be off work for a week or more and I don’t feel like I can do that now, with how busy we are……….


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I can see clearly now   Leave a comment

I’m here at work listening to old cassette tapes.

yep you read right, cassette tapes.

many moons ago I made a bunch of cassette tapes of my favorite songs.

back when cassettes were the rave.

anyway while I am working away cleaning this school I put the tapes on and listen as I work.

I have a few songs that take me back to another place and time.

As I am listening to these today it is like God popped right into my head and made me realize how clear things are now.

without going into detail suddenly the thin layer of fog has lifted and it is a bright clear moment.
with God in my head it has also made me realize a few other things from my past.

sometimes I have to wonder why I was so naive?
So child like in my thoughts?
I know I wanted to believe a certain way

but now that I see it all so clearly I am embarrassed at the me who thought things were as I saw them


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Thank God   Leave a comment

I always have reasons to Thank God, but today I am thanking him for the cooler weather!
It is so much nicer to deal with life when it is cooler


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