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if you could go anywhere on some one else’s dime, where would you go?
Any ideas?

There are many places I want to see, but I don’t have a passport so I would have to get one before heading out of this country

There are still so many places to see in this country

I am yearning for the mountains

Yes the beach sounds nice too but I don’t crave the beach like I do the mountains.

probably because I have been to the beach recently

Don’t get me wrong if someone wanted to pay my way I would go to the beach tomorrow.
But that isn’t likely and I have other places I want to travel to besides Daytona Beach Florida.



The Grand Canyon is first and foremost on my list of places to go.
Since I haven’t seen it yet.
And Utah of course since I just love Utah


of course as I said, if someone wants to pay my way, I would go just about anywhere.

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I am tired of cleaning.
No this isn’t a bitch session about my job

I am thankful I have a job that pays so well.
I am just tired of cleaning.

But we are making great progress, so that is at least a good thing.
Just came in from taking some cardboard out to the recycle bin.
What a lovely morning out.


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I’m driving into work this morning.
It is what I do five days out of the week.
But today it was different because I am coming into Iowa City going 55 miles per hour and some asshole pulls out in front of me, forcing me to slam on my brakes.
I hit the horn hard and said a few expletive words.

damn talk about putting me in a bad mood right now!
I don’t drive a small car so it isn’t like he couldn’t see me.
There wasn’t a long line of cars behind me either.
There was no reason what so ever for him to pull out in front of me.
Damn it!

I will have to do this today  just to get my blood pressure down

damn people anyway!

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