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so I had a wild idea this morning.

how fun it would be to go some place over the long fourth of July weekend.

I was thinking Smokie Mountains

although I would love to go to The Grand Canyon as well.

but I think that idea is just a bit much for a four day weekend.

chances are I won’t go anywhere but I do so love to travel.

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A Walk In The Woods   1 comment


so I am reading this book about a man who decides to hike the Appalachian trail from the Dakotas all the way up to Maine.

it is interesting and he is a funny guy that keeps me entertained and laughing.

the thing of it is, I would love to do something like this.

maybe not on such a grand scale as the four months it would take to hike this trail, but something like this where I am one with nature.

the only problem is bears.

They would scare me spiteless and I just can’t imagine dying via a bear’s meal.

however it does appeal to me to go into the wild/woods and spend some one on one time with nature and God.


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because I am a genius   Leave a comment

ha ha.

that title is meant to be a joke.
I figured out how to get the internet working here at work on my new computer.

it is wonderful!

this new computer of mine.
I even figured out how to get to my own page and not share the page with the night custodians.

talk about being pleased with myself.
the only thing is now I don’t have a lot of pictures on my computer.

so I will have to go about downloading them again.

ahh…the pain of it all

Just teasing.
Love this new computer.
Who would have thought Dell could make such a neat contraption!


I’m putting this picture on of Daytona Beach because I miss the ocean.

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