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The Working Class And My Little People~   Leave a comment

As usual I worked the weekend.

It is something I do every weekend to get to have my days off during the week to watch grandchildren.

I always look forward to Monday because I am off

I use to hate Monday’s but that was when I only worked Monday through Friday.

I did tell my boss that she could put me on a few nights a week if she needed due to two people just up and quitting and us being short employee wise.


I would love to never work again but my pocket book doesn’t agree with that so alas…..I work.

Right now I am sitting here trying to be quiet as my grandson Aaron and his sister Bailey stayed over night last night and both are still sleeping.

Aaron loves to stay over night.

Not sure why other than it is something different than being at home.

I have a meeting at two today at work and Aaron wants to tag along.

I keep telling him he will be bored but he says he doesn’t care.

I think his grandfather scares him a bit.

Rick can be gruff and has little patience.

Yes Aaron is ornery and rambunctious but he is a happy healthy boy.

I think he should be cut some slack.

But Rick and my daughter tend to think Aaron picks on Bailey and makes her fuss.

I think it is more…..Aaron is being a brother and Bailey needs to toughen up.

Ahh well……

It is that time of year again when the stores are filled with school supplies.

Yes school starts in over a month but every year we buy the kids school supplies and sometimes I take them shopping for clothes.

Usually I just do the clothes shopping for Keira and Kayla and I just give the parents money for Mirielle, Aaron and Bailey.

Bailey will be starting preschool so I am not sure how much she will actually need for school supplies…..or any new clothes…..

I am grateful for my grandchildren and helping out a bit with school makes me happy and it helps ease the parents load.

I am a blessed woman.

Happy Thanksgiving




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Ahh……….   1 comment

cropped-cropped-daytona-beach1.jpgWell I officially have five days until I am on vacation

Well four actually because I switched with a coworker so I will work tomorrow evening and she will work Friday for me.

Which is awesome

I need to see my grandkids too before we go

I miss them terribly when I go a week or more with out seeing them

I think the two, Keira and Kayla are outgrowing their need to be with me.

Which I hate

I adore them so much

And I need to see them before I fly out of state

Aaron and Bailey too.

Mirielle doesn’t really care but I think she and her mother are taking us to the airport early Saturday morning so I will see her then.

God willing we will fly there safely and have a great week and fly safely home again on May 6th.


And of course all my loved ones will be fine while we are gone

God willing



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Weekends go by so fast~   Leave a comment

Here it is almost two pm on Saturday afternoon.

Where do the weekends go?

I hate how fast they go and it will be Monday morning before long.
Darn it.

WE have a fantastic breeze going on with this hot day.

No humidity so we lucked out there.


pretty moving butterflies and flowers

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Birthday’s~   Leave a comment

Our grand daughter Mirielle is 14 today.

Not sure where the time went.

We met her and she came into our lives when she was 2.

She is a sweet girl for the most part.

A typical teenager in other ways.


Kayla will be 8 on Tuesday.

She is a brain and sensitive and a good girl.

She unfortunately has the Polman weight problem which makes things hard on her when her sibling and cousins are all skinny.

She is very sensitive about it.


Being Nana is one of the most wonderful precious gifts in my life.

I am as always truly blessed.



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The Joys In My Life~   Leave a comment


With all the hoopla on who will be president, and with all the killings in our world, it is the simple things in life that bring me the greatest joy.

My grandchildren are my loves.

I love them as much as I love my own kids.

They are so wonderful and independent and different in so many ways.

They bring me such wonderful joy.

Bailey is two and a drama princess.

She can turn on the tears faster then she can blink her beautiful brown eyes at you.

She is the smartest two year old child that I have ever met.

Aaron our only grandson is 6 and ornery and independent and quite stingy with his hugs.

He hates being wrong and doesn’t like to share his feelings very often.

Kayla who will be 8 next month, is so incredibly smart and a thinker and always struggling to be accepted for who she is and her quirky ideas.

Keira is 10 and Kayla’s older sister and the two are as different as night and day.

Kayla struggles with her weight while Keira is model thin.   Keira struggles with school while Kayla is as smart as a whip.

Keira always gives Kayla a hard time about everything and Kayla has a heart of gold.

Mirielle is  tall and thin and pretty  and quite independent.

She will be 14 in November.

I am a truly blessed woman to have these five children in my life.

They bring me so much wonderful joy.

And maybe in another year I will get one more.


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if tomorrow never comes   Leave a comment

as I prepare for my vacation here in about twenty four hours, I always think of the what ifs?

what if we don’t live through this?

what if we get in a car accident and die?

or robbed and killed for our car?

maybe I sound a bit morbid but I always have these what ifs going on in my mind.

it could be that for about two weeks now I have had a horrible feeling that something bad is going to happen.

I don’t know if that something bad is about me or someone I love.

I just know I won’t like the outcome.

so as I get ready to travel the friendly interstates to get to Florida, I wonder if tomorrow never comes what then?

I have no fear of dying.

I know I am going to Heaven and will live there with my Lord.

and I know my four children will be fine without me in their lives.

yes they will miss me, but I know deep down they will be fine.

it is my five grandchildren that I worry for.

yes they will be fine too if I die tomorrow or a week from now, but to never see them again or hold them and tell them how very important they are to me,  is heartbreaking.

I love them all so much.

I would hope my children would never let them forget me.

but that would be the only thing that would make me sad about dying.

and that is my wonderful grandchildren.

God willing I get to see them all grow up and have marriages and babies of their own.

but if not………maybe He will let me watch over them from Heaven.


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gone a while   Leave a comment

now that I don’t have a computer at my fingertips at work, I find it hard to find time to write a blog

I use to have so much to say

now I struggle to find something to write about………..

nothing much changes in life.

work and home and spending as much quality time with my grandchildren as I can.
I love them so dearly and they are so precious

this past week Mirielle turned eleven and Kayla just turned five today

they are all so wonderful


My husband is having both knees replaced two weeks from today

not sure why he is doing both at the same time

there is no way I would do it that way but whatever……..

I don’t look forward to it and it isn’t even happening to me, but that is another story……..

one best left unsaid………

I wish I could write.
I have been reading a lot but I just can’t write.

it pains me


well on ward and upward right?


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I fall in love all over again   Leave a comment

My darling Kayla makes me fall in love all over again with her.
She is so wonderful

Her sister Keira went with their mom to her softball game so we just saw my son Matt and Kayla for a while.
Kayla is so smart and funny and wonderful and I adore her so much
NOT that Keira, Mirielle and Aaron aren’t just as wonderful as Kayla but when it is just me and Kayla, it is exceptional because she is full of questions and silly things
I have a fear that when she gets to school she will be teased because she is chunky, OR because she wears glasses OR because she has a red birthmark that covers part of her right cheek.
When she was born it went from the middle of her chin all the way up to her right eye but the older she gets the smaller it gets.
I fear kids will tease her
so I encourage her about how wonderful and precious and beautiful she is every chance I get so that she knows she is wonderful and precious and beautiful even if she is chunky and wears glasses and has a birthmark on her face

yesterday I am hugging her and telling her how wonderful she is and she pulls back and says to me “Will I be wonderful for 20 days or 40 days?” ( I have no idea why she would ask this)
I said “No sweetheart you are WONDERFUL EVERY DAY AND FOREVER!”
and she just smiles at me and gives me a big tight hug

Keira came a bit later and while she is exceptionally beautiful too, she is more shy and not as open and happy and showing she is happy like Kayla is
Don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT have a favorite grandchild!
But Kayla is exceptional because she is Kayla
I have told Keira dozens of times that if anyone looked up the word beautiful in the dictionary there would be a picture of her
She is like a china doll, so perfect in her facial features, her coloring and just her.

Mirielle is beautiful too with her dark hair and eyes

Aaron is exceptional because he is the only boy AND he is smart and funny and so innocent.

and the spite n’ image of his father and mother.

I am a blessed woman with my four grandchildren!
Thank you Lord for the beautiful family I have

Spring Rush at the Subway

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grandchildren weekend   Leave a comment

Tonight I get Keira and Kayla.

I may see if Mirielle wants to stay too

as she and Keira like playing together some times.

I say some times because sometimes they really like each other and some times they can’t get a long for anything.


tomorrow night I have Aaron all night because Emily has to work

she is a Hospice nurses aide and tonight and tomorrow night she has to sit with a woman at the hospital all night long, staying awake to make sure the woman doesn’t choke

I thought “Really? she is in a hospital”

but Emily said the family don’t trust the hospital people to look in on her enough so therefore they will pay Emily to sit there.


so it will be a full weekend with grandchildren

not that I mind.
I love them dearly
And there will be a break in between the girls tomorrow morning and Aaron tomorrow night

Might even get a movie in



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my grandchildren   Leave a comment

I so love my grandchildren

I got to see the younger three yesterday and saw Mirielle on Friday and Sunday.

I so love spending time with them.

Kayla is by far the most affectionate.

 I am so incredibly blessed to have all four of them, but Kayla is definitely the most affectionate.
Keira has sort of out grown the need for hugs and kisses

although occasionally she does come sit on my lap for no reason at all.

Aaron is stingy with his affection, although he did give me two kisses and a hug yesterday

and Mirielle has never been overly affectionate.

But Kayla……….my darling Kayla is so incredibly giving.

yesterday morning I caught her looking at me with a smile on her face and I said “What are you looking at me for?” Smiling back

and her response was  “You just make my heart smile Nana”

Oh my God!
It brought tears to my eyes.

I am so very blessed!
thank you Lord for the four of them!

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