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grandchildren weekend   Leave a comment

Tonight I get Keira and Kayla.

I may see if Mirielle wants to stay too

as she and Keira like playing together some times.

I say some times because sometimes they really like each other and some times they can’t get a long for anything.


tomorrow night I have Aaron all night because Emily has to work

she is a Hospice nurses aide and tonight and tomorrow night she has to sit with a woman at the hospital all night long, staying awake to make sure the woman doesn’t choke

I thought “Really? she is in a hospital”

but Emily said the family don’t trust the hospital people to look in on her enough so therefore they will pay Emily to sit there.


so it will be a full weekend with grandchildren

not that I mind.
I love them dearly
And there will be a break in between the girls tomorrow morning and Aaron tomorrow night

Might even get a movie in



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what a beautiful morning   1 comment

there is no humidity!
I opened all the windows at home and turned off the air conditioning.
how wonderful!
It is supposed to be 82 today and then the 70’s for the next week!
how wonderful!
Love cooler weather!


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