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it makes no sense to me   Leave a comment

this is strange so I have to share it.
I clean all day at work.
I clean so much I get burnt out from cleaning.

I don’t clean nearly as much as I use to when I get home.
I barely do enough to get by and or wait till it is so bad that I MUST do something.

anyway I came home today and decided I needed to clean

So I went upstairs and cleaned all three rooms ( I didn’t clean my husband’s bedroom other than sweep the floor because nothing else needed done.  Okay, not true, I could have dusted but I HATE to dust)

I haven’t cleaned the three rooms in a long while.
I’ve become quite lazy in my old age.

but today I did.
I don’t know why other than I just didn’t feel like sitting down and doing nothing all night long


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beautiful morning out   Leave a comment

it is nice and cool out, about 63 degrees and quite beautiful out.

the sun is up and the birds are chirping.

love it.

if only it would stay nice and cool.
but I live in Iowa and only the  Lord knows why  we have to have heat and humidity in Iowa

Happy Tuesday!


Posted June 18, 2013 by Marge in ramblings