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pieces of the heart   Leave a comment

the shadow lives in the mind

the promise of what once was

a memory too dear to let go of

A play of lovers dancing

to a tune no one knows but those two.

the impossibility of letting go

the determination to keep it  close

even though it is already sifting through their fingers like water flowing from the sky




Posted June 9, 2013 by Marge in ramblings

pimples   Leave a comment

for some unknown reason I am starting to break out with pimples.

It is rather embarrassing and I hate it.

I am 52 years old and haven’t had a pimple on my face in ages, probably decades.

so now why do I have one in the middle of my forehead?
It makes no sense.


darn it.


Posted June 9, 2013 by Marge in ramblings