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I need to download more pics for my work computer

yep, I am boring.



94b4a694-223b-48d3-8585-f372aaaa601a_Serengeti National Park









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Dolomites Italy

Colorado pic



556676_10151099778820916_2006289306_n   I so love   a pretty picture


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I got a new computer at work and had to erase all I had.
Yes I could have backed them up, but she came in and told me today she had to wipe it all out.
I was disappointed but I will get pics from my home computer and put them here so tomorrow I can download them to my work computer.

So here goes

July 30th sunrise 2012 029



alberta canada pic


fire at Yosemite National Park (Bitterroot National Park)





okay this is enough for this blog


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anyone who knows me knows I love sunrises and sunsets

this picture just makes me want to go to the Grand Canyon all the more


I can’t wait to get here next year, and definitely be there at sunset

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I’m listening to oldies here at work while I work
Songs like “Bad Bad Leroy Brown”

or “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree”

those were both popular in the early seventies.

my brother-in-law has these six cd’s of the Best Oldies of the early seventies that he loaned me to make copies of.
From 1972 to 1976

odd to me, how sometimes that seems like yesterday and other times it seems like  a very long time ago.

I love oldies.
It is my favorite music to listen to.

even old country songs, like Waylon or Conway or Loretta and Patsy

maybe this really shows my age, liking old music.

but it is what it is.
And I like walking down memory lane with them.


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