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New Years Resolutions   Leave a comment

So I am here at work thinking about my New Years Resolutions.
I have several and wanted to jot them down so a month from now I can look at them and laugh at my silliness for thinking I could even begin to control myself to make something stick.

Here it goes
First and foremost……LOSE WEIGHT!
I am 40 pounds heavier than I want to be, so I am really going to go gusto with exercising and eating right to lose weight ( I have lost 12 pounds since Thanksgiving  just by giving up pop and anything with sugar in it)

2-  spend more time with my siblings
(either together or individually, I need to spend more time with them.  We aren’t going to be here forever)

3- get a good-sized savings account going (my youngest daughter may get married one day, but also for my own well being, I need to stop spending and start saving…..)

4-be content with who I am

5- either go back to school or take some on-line courses

6- find a church and attend regularly

7- be a better wife

8- be the best Nana I can be.
I’m sure there are more, but those come to mind as I sit here.



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