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into the deep   1 comment

I made a decision today
one I have been struggling with for weeks now, off and on.
I made the decision to make the most of all that I have and to stop complaining and wishing for something different.

I am blessed in many ways.
I have four beautiful healthy children and they all have someone they love and share their lives with.
I have four incredibly fantastic grandchildren who are all healthy and happy too

I have a man who loves me unconditionally

I have a good job, no not a great job but it pays well and I need to make the best of it.

I have a couple of friends who are very important to me.
I have siblings that I love and who I enjoy spending time with.

I have a full life.
I am blessed beyond words.
So I need to wallow in that blessed life and stop looking for things that are out of my reach.

God loves me, I am truly blessed in so many ways…….

and I need to just look on the bright side of things…….

(I have lost 12 pounds since I gave up sugar and pop!  That is a plus as well!)



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I’m going to marry you   Leave a comment

Sunday when I had my two youngest grand daughters, they were wrestling around and playing and having fun together.
My wonderful Keira who is 4 came to sit on my lap and she hugs and kisses me and says
“Nana I love you so much!  And when I grow up I’m going to marry you!”

I laughed and said “honey it doesn’t work that way”
And she puts her hand over my mouth and says “We are not talking about it anymore! When I get bigger I will marry you!”

End of conversation.

to me that is the highest honor she could have given me.
It definitely was an early Christmas present.
I so adore that child.

Of course her baby sister is equally wonderful and starting to talk more and more. (she is 2)

She is more free with her kisses and hugs and she is all around a beautiful little girl.

I am a truly blessed woman, to have such wonderful grandchildren.

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I’m naming her Grace   Leave a comment

This morning about two miles out-of-town on my way into work I drive up this hill and there in the middle of the road, literally sitting on the yellow line is a doe.
She looks to be startled and her eyes squint in the bright lights of my headlights.
She also looks like she is posing for a picture.
her graceful long legs are folded to her side and she is just sitting there.

I can only assume Grace, (my name for her since she was sitting there with such grace) was hit by a car, and while she was hurt she was very much alive sitting there.

I had my husband call the police (He knows them all since he works with them) and they were going to send someone out immediately.

I hope and pray that no one hit Grace before the cops and or the DNR got to her and safely moved her off the highway.
She may have had injuries that she won’t survive.
I don’t know.
All I do know was she sat there like a queen on her throne, waiting……

and I couldn’t just leave her there to her own defenses especially if she was really hurt.

Hopefully and God willing, she was taken to safety before someone hit her again.

Deer are my favorite animal and it pains me deeply to see them hit or dead on the side of the road………

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God is smiling down on me today   Leave a comment

the upper part of Iowa got quite a bit of snow since they are starting two hours late and or closing school.

it is 33 degrees here and we didn’t get any snow or any freezing rain or anything that requires me to go out and take care of the steps and sidewalks before school.

so God is smiling down on me.
I thought for sure I would be spending an hour or more out there this morning.
But nope, God graced me with a reprieve.
which is wonderful.

we are suppose to get some snow on Thursday into Friday morning but there won’t be anyone here at the school so I don’t need to worry about that now.

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