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Scarlett and Ryan   Leave a comment

you know I don’t consider myself a big Hollywood fan.
I mean I have my favorite actors and I do love a good movie, but damn….is it me or does it seem like marriages never last in Tinsel Town?
oh sure there are a few  ……a very few………

latest news is Scarlett Johanson and Ryan Reynolds are splitting.
Now while I am not a huge fan of either one of them, I do like them both, and I find it sad to see another marriage going down the tubes.
According to the article I read, they spend too much time apart making movies.
Okay, I could see that being a problem, but there is a solution for that!!!
one of you not work while the other one is.
One of you make a movie and the other one, be on the sidelines coaching and encouraging the other and be together!!!!
And then switch roles.

Seems pretty simplistic to me.

I personally think Scarlett is letting go of a pretty amazing guy.
Not only is he incredibly handsome, from what I have read….he is a great loving and caring guy as well.

Too bad………..

I had high hopes that those two would make it.


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