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dinner out and other non important stuff….   1 comment

had dinner out with my sisters and niece last night.
it was enjoyable and the time flew by as always.
We were at Panera’s in the mall and while the food was decent the prices were pretty high for what I got.
Still it was nice to experience something new.
I have eaten there before, just getting a muffin but nothing like the soup and sandwich I had last night.

today I have been busy vacuuming and doing things the night custodian never gets around to doing.

I have to go get a cortisone shot in my back at twelve thirty

hopefully that will take away this ache I have.

No great plans for this evening.
I suppose I should do laundry and I do have a few gifts I should wrap as well.

I should get groceries but that probably won’t happen until the weekend.

I need to spend some time in my den, as it needs cleaned and tended to.
Also should clean the house, but Keira and Kayla are coming over tomorrow afternoon, so really I will probably wait until they are gone.
They are both quite messy.
Especially Kayla.


got my haircut, not really short but shorter than it was, and do you think I can make it look as nice as the hair stylist did yesterday?
Hell no.
Still it feels better and looks better than it did.

Well guess I should make myself useful here at work since I am at work.
Hope everyone has a great day!


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