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Winter? Nope, not me….I don’t want it…..   Leave a comment

Winter is here.
Even if it isn’t officially here until December 21st, it is here in Iowa.

The wind chill is down in the single digits and it is freezing cold out.
Plus is snowed yesterday, just flakes not really collecting on the ground, but it did snow some last night too, enough that I have to go out today and shovel in spots.

AND the weatherman said we will get significant snow on Friday and Saturday
I am so not ready for this crap…..

I want it to be February and have everyone wondering if the groundhog will see his shadow tomorrow.

it might not be so bad if I didn’t have to drive and shovel the stuff……

Yep, I need a new job………

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annoyed   Leave a comment

I have no other way to describe it, but being annoyed.
My night custodian called in sick again last night.
That is twice in a week!
and he was an idiot for telling me last week that he wasn’t sick, just really tired.
He has three jobs now.
One working nine till two Monday through Friday at a place where they haul broken down cars and trucks
A toeing place I guess you could say.
Then he is supposed to work at the school from three till 8 pm every night Monday through Friday
Then a couple of weeks ago he got a job at JC Penny’s and I have no idea what hours he works for them.

So he is calling in sick here, because he can’t get enough sleep

It annoys me because since the day he started his work has gone down hill drastically and while I don’t think anyone should be working three jobs, this one is important because we need the school cleaned!!!!
people are counting on him to be here and do his job.

I need a job where no one counts on me or makes demands on me and I don’t have to be the intervention between lazy people and the higher-ups.


Posted December 1, 2010 by Marge in ramblings