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somewhere over the rainbow   Leave a comment

after my down day yesterday I have come to realize I need to take more than a moment or two for just me.

I need to take care of the inner soul that needs nurturing

I have a lot of things to be grateful for and I know this……but once in a while I find that I neglect myself.

and how can I take care of and love others if I don’t take care of myself too?

yes the day-to-day grind, day in and day out, gets me down, but there is so much more…..out there… many things to channel my desires into….

somewhere over the rainbow  there is a good life.
A brilliant glowing sun to warm me as I tread through to get to what I know is a good life on the other side.


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Louis Zamperini   2 comments

I am reading a book on the life of Louis Zamperini

It is written by Laura Hillenbrand  and titled “Unbroken” and it is a remarkable story about a young man who fought in World War 2 and became a POW in hideous camps in Japan.

I’m about halfway through the book and find it amazing that someone could endure and live to tell about the things he experienced.

he survived a plane crash in the Pacific ocean and was stranded on a raft with two other men for 47 days!

His will to survive kept him going.

It is an awesome story.

Before this I had never heard of Louis Zamperini but after reading this book, I find, I have no reason to complain about anything.

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