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there is always something  with me.
no it isn’t a crisis by any means, but I am thinking, spectulating….deciding….wondering….

should I cut my hair or shouldn’t I?

I am always one for trying a different look.
It actually annoys me,  those women who keep the hair style year after year and some keep the same hairstyle for decades!
Change it up I say!

So I have been letting mine grow

It touches my shoulders now and while it isn’t all one length, it is getting there…..

but I hate my hair.
Always have and always will.
Hate how it looks when it is short and I hate how it looks when it is long.

I know, dear reader you are thinking, Woman you are never happy!
And when it comes to my hair, this is true.
I am never happy with it…..

so the question is….do I cut it or don’t I?


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