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who are you when I’m not looking?   3 comments

do you ever think, anyone knows the real you?
do you ever wonder, if someone knew the real you, would they still like you or love you?

ninety percent of the time I feel like I am invisible.
at my job, at home, just basically in every aspect of my life.
Oh I am needed to babysit when my kids want time away from their children and I suppose my husband likes me coming home at the end of every day……..

people would miss me at work, only because they would have to fend for themselves instead of having me there to unlock their doors and be there should someone vomit in their rooms..

I have a couple of sisters who like to talk to me…….

but……I am invisible too.

ever hear the expression “get busy living or get busy dying”?
I can’t remember where I heard that, probably a movie… that I think of it I think it was “Shawshank Redemption”

I was in a good mood when I got to work and then someone says to me, via a blog “Don’t get your knickers in a twist” and that floored┬á me

I can’t honestly say, except that I feel like who the hell cares if I live or die?
And him writing that just made me want to sit here and cry.

Insane I know.
I generally don’t feel like I am a depressed person, but reading what this person wrote, definitely put me in a tail spin.

I’m also feeling quite fat and bloated today so maybe it is my time of the month, (even though I don’t have those anymore)


I actually was reading a book last night, that is really all I did, was read when I got home from work.
And in this book this woman goes on and on about her wonderful marriage and the passion they share and the common interests they have and maybe that is what put me in this bad mood today too……….


my husband wouldn’t know how to be passionate if someone hit him with a brick, giving instructions how to do it!
And while some of you may be thinking, why does it have to be up to him to provide the passion?
It doesn’t, but I gave up on that a long time ago.
A person can only be rejected so many times before you quit trying.

no this isn’t a sob story………

I’m just wondering, who I would be if I wasn’t concerned on what others thought of me?

who are you when I’m not looking?????

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