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okay maybe this won’t be so deep…..but I am wondering why weekends go so fast and the work weeks go so slowly?
Why does the time we spend sleeping fly by and the time we are awake and working crawl?

I remember being a child thinking, I would never get to the age of 18.

it seemed so elusive and took forever to get here.
And now I look back and think……from 18 to 49, wow, time has flown!

why is it when you want something, once you get it, you find yourself thinking, ‘why was I so obsessed with this?’

why is it, that when you strive and save for something you really want, and then someone goes and buys it for you, it doesn’t mean as much?

why is life a struggle?
money woes….children woes….grandchildren woes….

the stress of life seems never-ending.

I have a sinus headache today and while I am at work, I now wish I had stayed home.


Posted December 20, 2010 by Marge in ramblings